Ultra-Reliable MPC567xK MCU for Automotive and Industrial Radar Applications


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Block Diagram

MPC567xK Microcontroller Block Diagram

MPC567xK Microcontroller Block Diagram



  • High-performance 180 MHz 32-bit core built on Power Architecture® technology with variable length encoding (VLE)
  • Memory management unit (MMU) with 32-entry fully associative translation lookaside buffer (TLB)
  • SPE (signal processing extension): DSP, SIMD and floating point capabilities


  • Up to 2 MB flash with error correcting codes (ECC)
  • 4 x 16 KB EEPROM flash with ECC
  • Up to 512 KB SRAM with ECC
  • Dual crossbar with MPUs


  • 4 x FlexCAN (32 message buffers each)
  • 1 x FlexRay™ (64 message buffers)
  • 1 x fast Ethernet controller
  • 4 x LINFlex (SCI)
  • 3 x IIC
  • 3 x DSPI
  • 3 x flexPWM (3 x 12 channels)
  • 3 x eTimer (3 x 6 channels)
  • Quad ADC (11 channels each, 12-bit)
  • 2 x CTU
  • External bus interface (follower only)
  • Parallel digital interface
  • MDDR interface

SafeAssure Program

SafeAssure Functional Safety Program

When it comes to functional safety, NXP stands for quality and reliability. Our SafeAssure program simplifies system-level safety requirements in accordance with ISO 26262.
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