Ultra-Reliable MPC57xx MCUs

Our MPC57xx family of MCUs built on Power Architecture® Technology is designed for automotive and industrial powertrain, engine management, motor control, body control, gateway, chassis and safety, instrument cluster and display management applications.

  • Software and hardware compatibility within MPC57xx from low to high-end.
  • Embedded flash experience implemented in a high-density, floating-gate technology.
  • Performance scalability from single to multicore products ranging from 32 MHz to over 300 MHz.
  • Designed according to SafeAssure Program to simplify functional safety compliance to standards such as ISO 26262 for ASIL-D safety integrity.
  • On-chip redundancy and safety options such as delayed lockstep cores, DMA controller, memory protection unit, fault collection, control unit and end to end ECC.
  • Unmatched efficiency-parallel processing in conjunction with sophisticated peripheral sets leverages Power Architecture tools and software ecosystem.

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