Kinetis KV4x-168 MHz, High Performance Motor / Power Conversion MCUs based on Arm® Cortex®-M4

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  • 168 MHz Cortex-M4 core with DSP, floating point unit – improves performance in math-intensive applications (e.g., processing of sensorless FOC (field oriented control) algorithms)
  • 128-bit wide flash interface with a cache to minimize the number of wait states while executing fast control loops
  • 2x 12-bit, 16-channel ADCs with PGAs – 4.1 MSPS ideal for digital power conversion or for motor control applications
  • Up to 12 channel eFlexPWM – up to 312ps resolution for demanding digital power conversion applications
  • Up to 2 x 8-channel and 1 x 2-channel programmable FlexTimers – high-accuracy PWM generation with integrated power factor correction or speed sensor decoder (incremental decoder/hall sensor)
  • Quadrature encoder/decoder
  • Up to 2 FlexCAN modules – high-speed, high-reliability industrial communication
  • Broad family scalability with hardware and software compatibility – easy migration to more performance, memory and feature integration within the Kinetis® V series


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    BSDL Model Files for KV4x 100QFP

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    IBIS Model file for KV4X 100QFP

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    BSDL Model Files for KV4x 64QFP

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    IBIS Model file for KV4X 64QFP

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