LPC4300 Series: High-Performance Microcontrollers (MCUs) Based on Arm® Cortex®-M4/M0 Cores

LPC4300 Series MCUs combine the high performance and flexibility of an asymmetric dual-core architecture with multiple high-speed connectivity options, advanced timers, analog and optional security features to secure code and data communications. DSP capabilities enable all LPC43xx families to support complex algorithms in a data-intensive application. Flash and flashless options support large, flexible internal and external memory configurations.

LPC4300 Solutions

  • Smart meters
  • Embedded audio
  • Industrial automation and control, telematics, white goods, electronic instruments, power management
  • Point-of-sale devices
  • Medical and fitness devices, diagnostic equipment
  • Securely connected gateways, secure communication hubs
  • Automotive aftermarket, including telematics
  • Data collectors and navigation