MCUXpresso Config Tools: Pins, Clocks and Peripherals

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IDE Compatibility

  • The MCUXpresso Config Tools are fully integrated into the MCUXpresso IDE, and also available as a standalone download for use with other supported IDEs, including Arm Keil, IAR EWARM and others. If using the MCUXpresso IDE, no additional download of Config Tools is required.

Pins Tool

  • Assigns internal signals to external pins, sets electrical properties, I/O conflict resolution options and generates ANSI-C source code that drops into the MCUXpresso SDK environment
  • Board expansion headers can be viewed and routed to the connected signals on the MCU

Clocks Tool

  • MCU clock tree system and interactive user controls with automatic clock setup capability as well as assistance with system fine-tuning

Peripherals Tool

  • Enables selection of desired peripherals (i.e. UART, ADC, SPI, etc.) and generates initialization code
  • Configures higher level application code for enabling software technologies (USB, Filesystems, LwIP, FreeMASTER)
  • Settings can be imported, exported and reused within the Component Use Case Library
  • Setups the specialized peripherals and accelerators
  • Programmable logic unit (PLU) either by a Verilog source code or by a schematic gates or LUTs design, the FlexIO and FLEXCOMM specialized interfaces by numerous predefined protocols and the state configurable timers (SCT) with a possibility to explore and reuse numerous presets

Project Updater

  • Works directly with existing SDK-based IDE projects with generated Pins, Clocks and Peripheral source files

Device Configuration

  • Allows device configuration data (DCD) commands sequence config for pre-initialization of devices at boot time
  • Generated binary configurations can be utilized directly within the MCUXpresso Secure Provisioning Tool

Trusted Execution Environment (TEE)

  • Configures protection and isolation of sensitive parts of the application
  • Generated configurations can be exported for use within the MCUXpresso Secure Provisioning Tool

Project Cloning

  • Creates a standalone SDK project based on an example application available within SDK release

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