MCU Bootloader for NXP Microcontrollers


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MCU Bootloader Block Diagram

MCU Bootloader Block Diagram

MCU Bootloader Startup Flow Diagram

MCU Bootloader Startup Flow Diagram


  • A common bootloader for LPC, Kinetis MCUs, i.MX RT crossover MCUs and Digital Signal Controllers
  • Supports for flashless devices
  • C/C++ Source code provided under a permissive BSD open source license
  • Supported Serial communications with active peripheral detection
    • UART
    • SPI
    • I2C
    • USB device HID/MSC
    • CAN
  • Common packet-based protocol for all peripherals
  • Capability to program or boot from external flash memory
  • Capability to program encrypted image
  • ROM flash driver usage examples
  • Command-line tools run on Windows, Linux and Mac OS
  • GUI tools run on Windows
    • Flash utility to the program, erase and configure the bootloader
    • Manufacturing tool to support programming up to 4 devices simultaneously
  • IDE Support:
    • MCUXpresso IDE
    • IAR Embedded Workbench
    • Keil MDK Arm®


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