Kinetis® K22 Tower® System Module

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Product Details

Supported Devices

Processors and Microcontrollers

K2x / KS2x USB

K0x Entry-Level





    K22FN512VDC12 MCU

  • 120 MHz
  • 512 KB Flash
  • 128 KB RAM
  • Low power
  • 121 MAPBGA thin-profile package
  • Tower-compatible microcontroller module


  • Dual-role USB interface with Micro-AB USB connector
  • General-purpose Tower Plug-in (TWRPI) socket

Power Management

  • Independent, battery-operated power supply for Real Time Clock (RTC) module


  • Onboard debug circuit: K20DX128VFM5 OpenSDA with virtual serial port


  • Three-axis combination accelerometer and magnetometer (FXOS8700CQ)


  • Software support and application development are offered through the Kinetis software development kit (SDK), an extensive suite of robust peripheral drivers, stacks, and middleware (replacing Sample Code Packages/examples). Get expert advice and support by joining the Kinetis Software Development Kit Community forum

User Components

  • Four (4) user-controllable LEDs plus RGB LED
  • Two (2) user pushbutton switches for GPIO interrupts
  • One (1) user pushbutton switch for MCU reset
  • Potentiometer

Software and support application development


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  • TWR-K22F120M

  • Tower System Development Board for Kinetis K02 and K22 (100-120 MHz, 128-512 KB Flash) MCUs.

  • $228.85USD
  • For a quantity of 1
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