LPCOpen Libraries and Examples

LPCOpen: free drivers, middleware and example software for LPC microcontrollers

LPCOpen is an extensive collection of free software libraries (drivers and middleware) and example programs that enable developers to create multifunctional products based on LPC microcontrollers. Access to LPCOpen is free to all LPC developers.

Note that MCUXpresso IDE includes all the LPCOpen packages under the \ide\Examples directory of the installation.

Core driver library

The core driver library contains common chip-specific drivers. It is divided into two layers: a chip driver layer containing drivers optimized for a specific device or family, and a board layer containing board-specific functions and low-level setup code.

Using LPCOpen with an RTOS

LPCOpen libraries are RTOS agnostic and can be used with a simple control loop. Examples are also included in each software download package for use with FreeRTOS.


LPCOpen includes access to key middleware elements:

  • SEGGER emWin graphics object library
  • SWIM graphics library
  • LWIP open-source networking stack - source code and examples
  • USB libraries: USBD device library for all LPC devices and LPCUSBLib open-source USB host stack - both use the USB ROM APIs or a Flash-based library


LPCOpen includes an extensive set of examples designed to illustrate how to use core driver library functions and middleware. Examples demonstrate use of: