KW36/35/34: Arm® Cortex®-M0+|Kinetis® KW36/35/34 Bluetooth Low Energy 32-bit MCUs | NXP

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Block Diagram

Kinetis KW36/35/34 Wireless MCU Family Block Diagram

Kinetis KW36/35/34 Wireless MCU Family Block Diagram



  • Cortex-M0+ running up to 48 MHz
  • KW35: 512kB (2x256kB, swappable) Program Flash with ECC
  • KW36/34: 256kB Program Flash + 256kB FlexNVM both with ECC
  • 64k SRAM
  • KW36/34: 8 KB of user-segment defined byte write/erase EEPROM
    • Allocation of FlexNVM (minimum 32KB) to EEPROM emulation will determine effective endurance
  • Four independently programmable DMA controller channels


  • Support for Bluetooth Low Energy version 5 and Generic FSK
  • Rx Sensitivity, -95 dBm Bluetooth Low Energy, -99 dBm Generic FSK
  • -25 to +5 dBm programmable output power
  • Increased coexistence performance; Radio I/O for Wi-Fi coexistence
  • 6.3 mA Rx and 5.7 mA Tx (0dBm) current target (DC-DC enabled)
  • Integrated balun (~9% board area savings)
  • Support for up to 8 simultaneous Bluetooth LE connections


  • 2xSPI, LP-UART with LIN, 2xI2C, CMT, GPIO with IRQ capability (KBI)
  • KW36: CAN FD and 2nd UART with LIN
  • 3x FlexTimer (TPM) with PWM and quadrature decode support
  • Low Power (LPTMR), Programmable Interrupt (PIT) and RTC timers


  • 16-bit ADC with an integrated temperature sensor and battery monitor
  • 6-bit High-speed Analog Comparator


  • AES Accelerator and True Random Number Generator
  • Advanced flash security

Integrated DC/DC Converter

  • Normal: 1.71V to 3.6V
  • Buck: 2.1V to 3.6V


  • -40C to +105C AEC Q100 Grade 2 temperature range qualification (“A” version)
  • -40C to +105C Industrial qualification (“Z” Version)

Part numbers include: MKW34A512VFT4, MKW35A512VFP4, MKW35A512VFT4, MKW35Z512VHT4, MKW36A512VFP4, MKW36A512VFT4, MKW36A512VHT4, MKW36Z512VFP4, MKW36Z512VHT4.


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