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Two common reasons that the dongle is used are

  • Users desire to use CodeWarrior® software at home and at the office but do not wish to purchase two copies of the software
  • Users that wish to purchase a single license for the software and to then use the software in different physical locations that do not have the guarantee of an internet connection.
  • For users that have a persistent internet connection to all workstations, the floating license option is generally a superior licensing mechanism that allows for higher rates of utilization of the software.
  • All computer systems with a USB 1.1 or higher USB port may use the dongle. Drivers for the dongle are required and ship with the dongle or can be downloaded.
  • Most CodeWarrior software released after 04/01/2004 will be able to use the dongle. Specifically, dongle capability is enabled in CodeWarrior IDE version 5.6 and later. Of note, a single computer system can have multiple dongles connected at once, if needed.
  • Note: With our classic CodeWarrior IDE products, we do not support USB dongle license configurations for 64-bit Windows 7 and Linux host OS


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