XAUI Riser Ethernet Card for QorIQ P4080 Development System

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  • Supports up to 100 m on CAT6a and CAT7 cable types. Supports up to 55 m on CAT6 cable, already deployed in many data centers
  • Multirate support (100M/1G/10GBASE-T) decouples the simultaneous upgrade of both ends of a link, which provides flexibility in existing installations and accelerates the adoption of new equipment
  • Flexible switch/MAC interface support in current and next-generation NICs and switches for servers, enterprise networks, and storage appliances:
    • 10G XFI–1 lane, 10.3125G
    • 10G XAUI–4 lane, 3.125G
    • 1G/100M SGMII–1 lane, 1.25G

Tools and OS Support

  • Built-in diagnostics helps data center operators localize cables problems, thus minimizing the link downtime
  • Triple-speed operation enables compatibility with a previously installed base and allows an upgrade path to increased bandwidth
  • Demonstrated to work up to 45 nm on CAT5e, the most commonly installed UTP cable type
  • The XAUI-Riser is FCC-compliant

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  • XAUI Riser Card for QorIQ Development Systems, revB.

  • $1495.00 USD
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