Layerscape 1012A, LS1024A, LS1043A, and LS1046A Processor Support Plans

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  • Priority in front of ALL unpaid support
  • Bypasses generic non-Linux® ASK support staff
  • Next-business-day engagement with Linux software experts
  • Engagement maintained until a resolution has been made
  • Resolutions usually include:
    • Research and answer
    • Workaround recommendations/suggestions
    • Clear identification, acknowledgment, and support on identified bugs in the software
  • Engagement with ASK development activities
  • Software support plan periods* begin when the voucher ID is provided to the customer.
  • A support plan is applicable to each independent project within the customers’ organization.
  • Support plan payments should be renewed annually.
  • Unused hours do not carry over to the next annual support plan period.
  • Support plan fees apply only to standard software features, as identified in the LS1012A, LS1024A, and LS1043A processor software features description documents. Additional maintenance fees, as described above, are required for optional features and packages.
  • Customers will be charged a $30,000 re-engagement fee if there is a lapse between support plan periods.

Supported Devices

  • LS1024A: Layerscape® 1024A Dual-Core Processor
  • LS1012A: Layerscape® 1012A Low Power Processor
  • LS1043A: Layerscape® 1043A and 1023A Processors

System Requirements


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  • SES-LS1012A (Grapeboard)
    Evaluation and Development Boards

    SES-LS1012A (Grapeboard)

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