MPC8360EA Modular Development System


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Supported Devices

Processors and Microcontrollers

PowerQUICC II Pro (MPC83xx)



  • MPC8360EA processor @333 MHz


  • MB DDR2 333 MHz (supports optional ECC memory)


  • Two RJ-45 G-Ethernet ports
  • USB 2.0 high-speed device/host/OTG port
  • Dual RS-232 ports
  • Riser connectors to Platform I/O board
  • I2C port with:
    • 256 kB EEPROM
    • Real-time clock (RTC)

Power Management

  • 64-bit PCI Edge connector (3.3 V and 5 V)


  • JTAG debug port


    Local bus interface with:

  • 8 MB flash (expandable)
  • Board control and status registers (BCSR) in FBGA

    PCI add-in standard card form factor (321 x 106 mm)

  • IEEE 1588

The Platform I/O board is an AdvancedTCA form factor with four PMC slots. The Platform I/O board, along with the expansion modules, provides increased development capabilities. For example

  • PCI Host mode (3.3V 32 and 64-bit bus) with single agent (w/ PCI PMC card and PIB)
  • Access to second USB Port (with USB PMC card and PIB)
  • Additional USB PHYS (UTMI, ULPI, and Serial OTG)
  • PCI Host mode (3.3V 32 and 64-bit bus) with multiple agents (w/PCI expansion card and PIB)


    MPC8360EA-MDS-PB - Processor board for the MPC8360EA family

  • AC-DC 5V/5A universal power supply kit
  • RS-232 9-pin standard serial cable
  • NXP® adapter cable (with RJ45 and RS-232 connectors)
  • Mini USB adapter
  • USB cable (with standardA and miniB connectors)
  • Ethernet cable (RJ45-8 pin connector) (x2)
  • Plastic spacer sets (x4)
  • SW CodeWarrior® kit (includes JTAG connectivity unit)
  • HW getting started guide
  • CD: user information

PQ-MDS-PIB - Platform I/O board for the 83xx family

  • AdvancedTCA form factor with four PMC slots
  • Allows user to expand the functionality of the MPC8360EA-MDS-PB when used along with the module cards
  • PQ-MDS-PIB board kit
    • Power cable extension with on-off switch
    • 25-pin IEEE 1284 parallel cable
    • Serial cable 10cm D25M to IDC10
    • Parallel cable 10cm D25M to IDC26F
    • RJ45 to IDC8F cable (qty 2)
    • LC loopback 62.5/125Fiber (qty 2)
    • USB cable StndA Plug to MiniB 1Meter
    • USB cable MiniA Plug to StndB 1.5Meter 1
    • PMC board assembly spacers (qty 16)
    • AC-DC power supply 48V/2.7A
    • PQ-MDS-PIB getting started guide
    • PQ-MDS-PIB board Errata
    • PQ-MDS-PIB documentation CD

PQ-MDS-PMCPCI - PMC to PCI module card adapter for the 83xx family

  • Ability to plug in one PCI card
  • Supports 3.3V 32 and 64-bit PCI Bus.

PQ-MDS-QOC3 - PowerQUICC® Quad OC-3 ATM card adapter for the 83xx family

  • Multi-PHY support: Compatibility with PQ-MDS-PIB

PQ-MDS-T1 - PowerQUICC T1 add-in module for the 83xx family

  • PMC mezzanine card form-factor
  • Compatibility with PQ-MDS-PIB
  • 8 E1/T1 channels
  • 2 DS3/T3 channels
  • Full board software programmable control


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