Getting Started with the Real-Time Drivers (RTD)


The following process is how to set up the S32DS, S32K3 and RTD SDK software.

1.1 S32DS and S32K3 RTD SDK Installation

  1. Get into the S32K3 Standard Software offerings using your NXP account.
  3. Download the latest version of the RTD SDK, S32DS and S32K3 Support Package.

Support Package Installation

2.1 S32DS and S32K3 RTD SDK Installation

  1. Run the S32 Design Studio v3.4 Windows installer using using the S32DS.3.4_b201217_win32.x86_64.exe and License Keys => Activation Code
  2. Install the S32 Design Studio 3.4 development packages for offline use, support for S32K3 family in S32DS 3.4 using the

    Note: the S32K3 support package includes S32K3 RTD

    The is already included in the S32K3 support package.

    Note: If there are new versions of RTD, please download and install in S32DS3.4 with the following procedure.

    For the latest S32K3xx RTD 0.9.0, you should download and install

  3. Install and update the RTD SDK:
  4. Find the RTD SDK files in C:\NXP\S32DS.3.4\S32DS\software\PlatformSDK_S32K3_2021_03 path, after installation:

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