Getting Started with USB-KW40Z

Build, Run

Each of the Our Wireless Connectivity Stack comes with a list of demo applications and driver examples ready to be compiled and run.

Select the Connectivity Stack that you want to explore.

Build and Run the Wireless Connectivity Example Demos on the USB-KW40Z

3.1 Explore the Connectivity Example Codes

Browse to the "examples\smac" folder to see the application demos:

( \KW40Z_Connectivity_Software_ \ConnSw\examples\smac ).

If you are interested in running the preprogrammed Connectivity Test Application that comes with your board Click here

3.2 Build, Run and Debug Wireless Connectivity Examples

You probably want to build and debug a demo by yourself. Use the guide below to learn how to build and debug an example application using one of the Wireless Connectivity Stacks provided by NXP.