Automotive Ethernet PHY Transceivers

Our expertise in the physical layer (PHY) specification for the automotive market ensures required quality levels for signal integrity noise immunity and reliable performance. Our TJA110x products are EEE 100BASE-T1 compliant standalone automotive Ethernet transceivers—offering a great fit for applications like ADAS, infotainment and communications.

Products in Preproduction

  • TJA1103: ASIL B Compliant 100BASE-T1 Ethernet PHY New

Product Order Description
NXP's TJA1100 is IEEE 100BASE-T1 compliant. The single port Ethernet PHY Transceiver is fully qualified for automotive applications like ADAS and infotainm...
TJA1101B is the revision of the successful TJA1101A. The high performance, single port automotive Ethernet PHY is compliant to IEEE 100BASE-T1.
TJA1102A (TJA1102A / S) is a revision of the successful TJA1102 (TJA1102S). The high performance, dual- or single-port automotive Ethernet PHY is complian...