PTN3222CUK-EVB eUSB2 to USB2 Redriver Evaluation Board


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Supported Devices


USB Redrivers


1-Port eUSB2 to USB2 Redriver

  • PTN3222CUK performs translation between eUSB2 and USB2 signaling scheme

Supports Host Repeater, Device Repeater or Dual Role Functions

  • PTN3222CUK can be configured to operate as host repeater, device repeater or both (dual role) via I2C

Supports Low Speed (1.5Mbps), Full Speed (12Mbps) and High Speed (480Mbps)

  • PTN3222CUK supports all three USB2 speeds - LS, FS and HS

eUSB2 Host/Device Repeater Interface Via SMP Connectors

  • eUSB2 host, eUSB2 device platforms can be connected to PTN3222CUK-EVB via SMP connectors

USB2 Host/Device Interface Via Type-C, uB or Standard a Connectors

  • USB2 connectors are selected via on-board 0-ohm loading option

I2C Header is Available to Configure PTN3222CUK

  • I2C header allows the PTN3222CUK to be connector to the platform I2C host

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  • PTN3222CUK-EVB

  • PTN3222CUK-EVB eUSB2 to USB2 Redriver Evaluation Board.

  • $275.00 USD
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