Change Management and Customer Communication

At NXP, we operate a global change management system for changes to products and processes within business and manufacturing operations. This system is governed by a company-wide specification, which drives compliance and control.

How Our Change Management System Works

Each change request is considered individually and reviewed by a Change Board comprised of senior engineers, managers and quality. The NXP Product Change Notification (ePCN) process issues a formal notification to our customers if the change affects fit, form, function, quality or reliability.

Change Board

Before evaluating a proposed product or process change, we look at the potential impact. Key questions asked by the Change Board include:

  • What are the risks, if any, associated with this change?
  • What are the evaluation/qualification plans to mitigate risks?
  • What criteria are proposed to determine if the evaluation is successful?
  • Does the change affect form, fit, function or reliability?

After formal acceptance of the qualification plans, the responsible engineering or production teams will execute those plans and return for a board review of the evaluation/qualification results. The board must approve in order to move forward with the change.

Product Change Notices

We communicate any change which may affect the fit, form, function, quality or reliability of a product through our product change notices (PCNs) 90 days before implementation.

All notifications include summary information, effective date, impacted part numbers and contacts for additional information.

Customer Acknowledgment

In accordance with JEDEC Standard J-STD-046, lack of acknowledgment of the PCN within 30 days is considered acceptance of change.

Product Obsolescence Policy

In accordance with JEDEC Standard J-STD-48, unless otherwise specified by NXP Semiconductors in its discontinued products notice, a customer may request final delivery of discontinued products in their orders up to twelve (12) months following the effective date of NXP Semiconductors discontinued product notice.

Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)

PPAP is a standardized process in the automotive industry that helps manufacturers and suppliers communicate and approve production designs and processes before, during and after manufacture. NXP is compliant to the PPAP AIAG and IATF16949/TS16949/ISO9001 standards.