S12XS Automotive and Industrial Microcontrollers (MCUs)

Block Diagram

S12XS Microcontroller Block Diagram

S12XS Microcontroller Block Diagram


  • Key Features
    • DataFlash® for data storage or program memory extension
    • Reduce peripheral set for typical body applications
    • This product is included in NXP ®.s product longevity program, with assured supply for a minimum of 15 years after launch
  • Other Features
    • S12X CPU @ 40 MHz bus speed
    • 64 KB, 128 KB and 256 KB flash memory options, all with error correction code (ECC)
    • 4 KB to 8 KB DataFlash with ECC used for data or program storage
    • Choice of configurable 8-,10- or 12-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC), capable of 3 µs conversion time
    • Support for control area network (CAN), local interconnect network (LIN) and serial peripheral interface (SPI) protocols
    • 8-channel timer with 16-bit counters
    • Excellent EMC/run and stop current performance

Part numbers include: G9S12XS128J1MAA, G9S12XS128J1MAL, G9S12XS128J1VAL, G9S12XS256J0CAE, G9S12XS256J0CAL, G9S12XS256J0MAA, G9S12XS256J0MAL, G9S12XS256J0VAL, G9S12XS64J1VAE, MC9S12XS128CAE, MC9S12XS128MAA, MC9S12XS128MAE, MC9S12XS128MAL, MC9S12XS256CAE, MC9S12XS64CAE, MC9S12XS64MAE, S9S12XS128J1CAA, S9S12XS128J1CAE, S9S12XS128J1CAL, S9S12XS128J1MAE, S9S12XS128J1VAA, S9S12XS128J1VAE, S9S12XS256J0CAA, S9S12XS256J0MAE, S9S12XS256J0VAA, S9S12XS256J0VAE, S9S12XS64J1CAA, S9S12XS64J1CAE, S9S12XS64J1MAE, S9S12XS64J1MAL, S9S12XS64J1VAA.


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