i.MX28 Software and Development Tool Resources

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Software Details


  • Integrated and validated BSP for the i.MX28 EVK feature set
  • We developed functional software packages with production-ready components
  • Highly optimized software that is coded by our processor experts
  • Consistent application programming interface (API) and frameworks across software packages
  • Evaluation and production software packages available through a streamlined, Web-based licensing and delivery system
  • Our development tools, test streams and documentation

Supported Devices

  • i.MX280: Multimedia Applications Processors - Low-Power, High-Performance, Arm9™ Core
  • i.MX281: Multimedia Applications Processors - Automotive Applications, Connectivity, Integration, Arm9 Core
  • i.MX283: Multimedia Applications Processors - High-Performance, Low-Power, Arm9 Core
  • i.MX285: Multimedia Applications Processors - Integrated Power Management, Ethernet, Resistive Touch Screen, Arm9 Core
  • i.MX286: Multimedia Applications Processors - Dual CAN, High Performance, Low Power, Arm9 Core
  • i.MX287: Multimedia Applications Processors - Dual Ethernet, Dual CAN, LCD Touch Screen, Arm9 Core


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2 hardware offerings

  • MYC-IMX28X Core Module
    Embedded Board Solutions

    MYC-IMX28X Core Module

  • ConnectCard Wi-Fi i.MX28
    Embedded Board Solutions

    ConnectCard Wi-Fi i.MX28

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