DEVKIT-MPC5744P: Development Board for MPC5744P



Development Board for MPC5744P

Development Board for MPC5744P

Kit Contains

  • DEVKIT-MPC5744P Evaluation Board
  • USB Type-A to micro-USB Type-B cable

Supported Devices

  • MPC574xP: Ultra-Reliable MPC574xP MCU for Automotive & Industrial Safety Applications

Get Started

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  • MPC574xP Autosar 4.0 MCAL (ISO26262)
  • Autosar (Classic) v4.0 rev 3 microcontroller abstraction layer drivers for ADC, CAN, DIO, ETH, FLS, FR, GPT, ICU, LIN, MCU, PORT, PWM, SPI, WDG, plus FEE and DMA driver. Tested with Green Hills MULTI, Wind River DIAB.
  • Type: AUTOSAR