RF Amplifiers - Low / Medium Power

RF Amplifiers -
Low / Medium Power

NXP is a leading supplier of low and medium power RF amplifiers with a strong legacy in wireless and cellular markets and eMetering and CATV applications, including a broad portfolio of low noise amplifiers (LNAs) based on high-performance GaAs and low-cost SiGe technologies.

Low Noise Amplifiers (LNAs)

Low noise amplifier product offerings include general purpose low power multi-standard SiGe LNAs and high performance GaAs LNAs with bandwidths up to 3800 MHz and noise figure as low as 0.36 db.

Wideband Amplifiers

Wideband amplifier product offerings include drivers and pre-drivers for Doherty amplifiers, femtocell finals and general wireless gain block with bandwidths up to 6000 MHz.

Medium Power Amplifiers

Medium power MMICs enable eMetering and base station applications. These ICs are tunable between class A and AB, supporting power-line network operation from either mains or battery power and offer single supply operation with integrated features.

Variable Gain Amplifiers

Adjusts audio gain based on control voltage for amplitude modulation, level compression, and synthesizers. Digital VGAs includes solutions with high linearity and high output power across a large bandwidth. Smart routing with no connection crosses simplifies design and decreases footprints by 25%.