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Key Features

  • Read sensitivity: -24 dBm
  • Write sensitivity: -22 dBm
  • Encoding speed: 32 bits in 0.96 ms
  • Drop-in antenna replacement for UCODE 8
  • Self-adjust
  • Memory safeguard
  • Pre-serialization of 96-bit EPC


  • 96-bit of EPC memory
  • Supports pre-serialization of 96-bit EPC
  • 96-bit Tag IDentifier (TID) factory-locked
  • 48-bit unique serial number factory-encoded into TID
  • 32-bit kill password to permanently disable the tag
  • Wide operating temperature range: -40 °C up to +85 °C
  • 100k write cycle endurance
  • 20 years data retention

Supported Features

  • All mandatory commands of the EPC global Gen2 v2.1 specification are implemented including:
    • Kill command
  • The following optional commands are implemented in conformance with the EPC specification
    • Block Write (2 words, 32-bit)
  • Self-adjust for automated tag performance optimization
  • Permalock

Part numbers include: SL3S1206FUD2.


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