Automotive Secure Element with Passive NFC, I2C and SPI Interfaces

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General Features

  • MRK3-SC 16-bit RISC (reduced instruction set computing) CPU for high-transaction performance, low-power consumption and world-class security level
  • Up to 400 kB user memory


  • SPI contact interface
  • I2C bus target/contact interface
  • Passive ISO/IEC 14443 interface supporting NFC mode

Cryptographic Hardware Coprocessors

  • High-speed Triple-DES and AES coprocessor
  • Random number generator in hardware AIS-31 compliant
  • High-speed public-key coprocessor (PKC) supporting major public key cryptography systems such as RSA, ECC and corresponding schemes
  • Cyclic redundancy check engine

Certified EdgeLock® Assurance

  • The NCJ37x, part of the certified EdgeLock assurance program, is designed to meet industry standards and follows NXP's security-by-design approach. It has been certified by an independent lab.

Package and Certification

  • HVQFN20 package with wettable flanks
  • HW Certification: common criteria EAL 6+
  • AEC-Q100 qualified


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