Passive Keyless Entry Chip

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Block Diagram


NCF29AG Block Diagram


  • Superior LF range at Ultra Low Power
  • > 2 years battery life time (CR2032)
  • Backwards compatible to NXP predecessor devices
  • External 32 kHz Xtal is optional
  • Robust operation in LF jammed environments
  • Narrow Band RSSI ± 3% accuracy
  • NXP legacy load modulation transponder
  • New charge and talk transponder bosting the transponder range
  • Single lithium cell operation, 1.95 V to 3.6 V
  • Single chip security transponder and keyless entry solution optionally complemented by NXP MEMS motion sensor
  • Optional relay station attack hardening with NXP NCJ29D5CHN for secure ranging

Part numbers include: NCF29AGVHN9.


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