SmartMX3 P71D321: Secure and Flexible Microcontroller

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Product Details



  • Best-in-class performance:
    • <200ms for an M/Chip transaction
    • <2s for ePassport SAC
  • Broadest reader interoperability by self-tuned EMD noise reduction
  • Fast operating system download to flash memory (100kb/s)


  • First payment and secure identification device implemented in CMOS40 technology
  • Full flash memory solution up to 344 KB
  • Up to 500 KB non-volatile memory available
  • Most advanced RF frontend technology to maximize communication sensitivity


  • Advanced IntegralSecurity 3.0 architecture
  • EMVCo and CC EAL 6+ (PP 0084 with loader package 2) certification taking latest attacks on security into account
  • Available with fully certified symmetric, hash and asymmetric cryptography libraries


  • Multi-application enabled by MIFARE FleX® with MIFARE® DESFire® EV2 up to 16KB and MIFARE Plus® EV1 up to 4KB (including MIFARE Classic® support)
  • Optional implementation of software libraries to fasten up time to market (TTM)
  • Full system solution available with JCOP® 4 operating system
  • Broad portfolio of payment and secure identification applets

Customer Support Package

  • Well established SmartCardComposer development environment
  • Soft-mask device to accelerate hardware validation
  • Full set of system documentation and customer training


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