Differential and Gauge, Integrated Pressure Sensor (0 to 3.92 kPa)

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  • Temperature compensated over 10° to 60°C
  • Available in gauge surface mount (SMT) or through-hole (DIP) configurations
  • Durable thermoplastic (PPS) package
  • MPVZ5004G specific features:
    • Designed for the appliance, consumer, health care and industrial markets
    • The axial port has been modified to accommodate industrial grade tubing
    • 1.5 percent maximum error for 0 to 100 mm H2O over +10° to +60°C with auto zero
    • 2.5 percent maximum error for 100 to 400 mm H2O over +10° to +60°C with auto zero
    • 6.25 percent maximum error for 0 to 400 mm H2O over +10° to +60°C without auto zero

Part numbers include: MP3V5004DP, MP3V5004GC6, MP3V5004GC6U, MP3V5004GP, MP3V5004GVP, MPVZ5004G6, MPVZ5004G6U, MPVZ5004G7U, MPVZ5004GC6U, MPVZ5004GW6U, MPVZ5004GW7U, MPXV5004DP, MPXV5004GC6, MPXV5004GC6U, MPXV5004GC7U, MPXV5004GP, MPXV5004GVP.


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