NXH2265UK: NFMI Radio for Wireless Audio and Data Streaming

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Controller subsystem

  • Customer programmable Arm Cortex-M0 ultra low power, for system configuration and control
  • I2C-bus/SPI follower control interface
  • Flexible interfaces: UART, GPIO, SWD

Magnetic induction transceiver

  • 596 kbit/s raw throughput
  • Carrier frequency of 10.579 MHz
  • On-chip tuning of coil resonator tank
  • Programmable transmit power
  • Integrated AGC
  • Operation from internal oscillator
  • Optimized protocol for low latency ear-to-ear communication
  • Embedded network protocol for up to 15 devices

Audio data path

  • I2S-bus audio interface
  • Support for multiple audio sample frequencies up to 48 kHz
  • Integrated MAC accelerator for MI radio
  • Integrated audio G.722 codec for up to two audio channels
  • Integrated latency controller for one RX channel
  • Integrated adaptive sample rate converter for one RX channel Integrated CoolFlux DSP® with SBC codec

Power management subsystem

  • Integrated supply management based on a stable, fixed input supply

Power consumption

  • Power-down: 5 μA
  • Sleep: 150 μA
  • Carrier detect: 180 μA
  • Mono audio streaming - receive: 1700 μA (fs = 16 kHz; G.722)
  • Mono audio streaming - transmit: 1600 μA (fs = 16 kHz; G.722)
  • Bidirectional audio streaming: 3000 μA (fs = 48 kHz; SBC)
  • Support for flexible slot allocation of the radio enabling better power tuning over the different use cases
  • Integrated ultra-low-power oscillator and timer used in low-power modes
  • Supports multiple low-power modes, with typical current consumption:


  • WLCSP40 with dimensions of 2.25 mm × 3.45 mm (7.76 mm2)
  • Flexible I/O switch matrix with 19 pins
  • Configurable supply level for I/O
  • 40 bumps with a minimum pitch of 400 μm
  • Backside coating

Part numbers include: NXH2265ADK, NXH2265SDK, NXH2265UK.


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