NFC-Enabled Digital Wallet

NFC-Enabled Digital Wallet Products

Product Features

  • High-level security
    • CC EAL 6+/EMVCo certified hardware
    • CC EAL 5+ platform certified (with JCOP)
    • CFNR Chinese security certification
  • Broad standards compliance
    • GSMA Consumer Devices - SGP22 specification
    • SIM Alliance interoperable profile compliant
    • JCOP: Global Platform, Java Card 3
  • Contactless interoperability
    • MIFARE, FeliCa GP/Japan, Calypso, CEPAS, China Transit, mPOS (Visa, MasterCard, …)
  • Large set of interfaces
    • UART-ISO7816, HS-UART, SWP, SPI, I²C
  • Secure concurrent operation of eSIM/NFC/eSE
  • Tiny WLCSP packages

Product Benefits

  • Lower BoM cost thanks to single-chip solution
  • Enhanced RF performance
  • Concurrent secure transactions
  • Low power consumption during mobile service performance
  • Upgradability
  • Interoperability stressed with service providers and MNOs in the ecosystem
  • High endurance
  • Interoperability and standards compliance
  • Over-the-air reprogrammable eSIM for global connectivity devices
  • Small form factor to support miniaturization
  • Optional out-of-the-box activation with pre-loaded operator profile(s)