NTAG SmartSensor

Our NTAG SmartSensor portfolio offers single-chip solutions that combine NFC connectivity with autonomous sensing, data processing and logging. It is easy to combine with radio, sensor or secure element solutions via I2C interface. NTAG SmartSensor devices are ideal for secure internet of Things (IoT) products.

NTAG SmartSensor is one of the smallest edge computing devices. Collected data is uploaded securely into the cloud via NFC using a smartphone and a dedicated app, making it easier to manage data online. The NTAG SmartSensor are temperature-calibrated (see certificate), a feature to track temperature-sensitive products such as vaccines, wines, among others. By using the I2C interface, the NTAG SmartSensor can also monitor conditions such as humidity, tilting, shocks and vibrations.

NTAG SmartSensor Applications

NTAG SmartSensor can be used in any applications in which product handling is key to deliver quality products.