NXP’s OL2385 wireless sub-GHz transceiver enables seamless communication into the Sigfox 0G network. Combined with other NXP key technologies, such as RFID, NFC, WIFI/BLE and sensors, NXP enables customers to build sensor node data collection for tagging and tracking applications utilizing the global Sigfox network infrastructure.

Design Resources

Thomas Lorbach and Tom Pannell at NXP talk with Microwave Journal editorial director about the various types of LPWANs.

As a LPWAN protocol backed by a global connectivity service, Sigfox provides the kind of long-range that IoT devices need.

The OM2385/SF002EU and US are development platforms dedicated to SIGFOX applications.

This embedded software solution provides high-level support for listed NXP analog parts (OL2385).

This application intended for FRDM-KL43Z allows users to control OL2385 by commands sent from PC terminal.

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The OL2385 on a PIN-to-PIN compatible sub-wireless protocols such as Sigfox.