NXP offers low-power, sub-1 GHz wireless solutions for use in a wide range of applications. These high-performance, bi-directional sub-1 GHz radios are capable of operating over a wide frequency range including 315, 433, 470, 868, 915, 928 and 960 MHz in the license free industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) frequency bands, based on proprietary modulations as FSK/GFSK/OOKn/MSK.

NXP is a leader in MCUs and communication ICs for metering applications supporting multiple standards and proprietary protocols e.g:

  • NXP's Smart Energy software solution for the OL2385 wireless microcontrollers include zigbee Golden Unit, zigbee PRO, and zigbee Smart Energy application profile SE v1.4.
  • Wireless Meter-Bus (M-Bus) are becoming key standards for connecting the meters to the grid and to the home energy management system. Wireless M-Bus defines the bi-directional communications between the meters (gas, water and electricity) and the data concentrators. Based on EN13757-4, Wireless M-Bus supports two types of readout systems – a walk-by/drive-by method requiring more frequent transmission addressed by the T mode and the networked method with R and S modes.
Memory Support Radio Performance
Product CPU Flash /
Software Supported
Sensivity Transmit
KW01 Cortex-M0+ 128K Flash16KB RAM Yes 290-340, 424-510, 862-1020FSK, GFSK, MSK, GMSK & OOK -120 dBm IIP3 - 18dBmIIP2 = +35 dBm 16 mA 18 mA
OL2381 (Transceiver) Proprietary Yes 315/434/868/915ASK/FSK 16 mA 13 mA @ 6dBm
OL2385 16 Bit RISC CPU 32Kb Flash Yes (160 - 960 Mhz)4(G)FSK, 200 kbps 2(G)FSK, ASK, OOK -126 dBm +14 dBm <11 mA 29 mA @ +14dBm

Home Energy Management with ZigBee PRO

The in-home smart meter displays how much electricity you are using and calculates the cost in real time.