CodeWarrior® Development Studios

Our CodeWarrior Development Studios provide the tools to enable your design with our silicon. When you purchase a CodeWarrior Development Suite, you are entitled to use all of the CodeWarrior products, so owning the wrong tools will never inhibit the progress of your design. For details about pricing and the features supported per product in each CodeWarrior Development Suite, see the Development Suite Overview.

Note: All the CodeWarrior evaluations automatically install a 30-day license. You DO NOT need to register to obtain an evaluation license key.

Product Name Description
CodeWarrior for Microcontrollers CodeWarrior for Microcontrollers integrates tools for the ColdFire®, ColdFire+, DSC, Kinetis, MPC5xxx, RS08 and S08 into a single product based on the Eclipse open development platform, CodeWarrior provides optimized tools to take full advantage of the microcontroller selected for your design.
CodeWarrior for Processors CodeWarrior development tools for a processor family is a highly advanced multiprocessor and multicore debugging system with software analysis capabilities, allowing you to build, debug and optimize the performance of NXP Procesors multicore applications.
CodeWarrior for DSP/DSC Creating applications for complex multi-core DSP targets can be quite daunting without the best development tools. CodeWarrior Development Tools meets this challenge by providing the developer a wide array of tools based on the Eclipse platform.
CodeWarrior Suite Quick Reference Guide

CodeWarrior Suite Quick Reference Guide