Processor Expert® Software and Embedded Components

Processor Expert® Software is a development system to create, configure, optimize, migrate, and deliver software components that generate source code for our silicon. Processor Expert software covers Our S08/RS08, S12(X), ColdFire®. ColdFire+, Kinetis®, DSC 56800/E, QorIQ® and some other Power Architecture® processors. Processor Expert software is available as part of the CodeWarrior® tool suite or as an Eclipse-based plug-in feature for installation into an independent Eclipse environment.

Embedded Components are modules you install into Processor Expert Software. Each component encapsulates a discrete set of functionality designed to accomplish the component's design objectives. When used, it may generate configuration files, header files, and/or source code depending on the type of component. A component may represent a hardware abstraction, a peripheral driver, a software algorithm (such as data encryption), or any logical collection of software functions

Processor Expert Software and Embedded Components


Intelligent Sensing Framework

Our Intelligent Sensing Framework (ISF) 2.1 is comprehensive and robust embedded sensor application middleware with open APIs and sensor adapters that simplifies acquisition of sensor data. ISF is deployable across a broad range of sensors and with Processor Expert technology allows simpler MCU configuration across a wide range of Kinetis MCUs.

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Processor Expert Software

New Processor Expert Software now available - Microcontroller Driver Suite v10.4

Our Processor Expert Software – Microcontroller Driver Suite v10.4 is a software management system to create, configure, optimize, migrate and deliver software components for use with our ecosystem partner’s tools. It includes MQX™ Lite – a light weight kernel for Kinetis L and K series MCUs.

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