Added Value to Card Based Environments Through NFC and Cloud – when IoT becomes reality

  • Posted Date: 25 October 2016

With Near Field Communication (NFC) a connection between contactless smart cards and cloud-based services can be established, thus enabling new opportunities for system operators and end users.

For the consumer the cloud-enabled NFC interaction leads to unique experiences and personalized services. For the system operator, the interaction creates real time data and insights into consumer's activity.

In our 30 minutes webinar we introduce the concept of NFC and cloud, besides sharing new Internet of Things (IoT) use cases with you.

Course Outline

  • Mobile integration: NFC enables flexible mobile solutions and offers interactive platforms for mobile use cases.
  • MIFARE SDK: Introduction to the MIFARE SDK and demonstration of real life use cases.
  • MIsmartApp: Demonstration how the MIsmartApp feature on the MIFARE DESFire EV2 works, including an example based on Acces for Campus Cards.

What You'll Learn

You’ll learn how you can add value to contactless smart cards by integrating mobile use cases.

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