• Posted Date: 25 October 2016

The MIFARE SDK is designed to provide access to all hardware features on Java level. This enables Android apps to be created for MIFARE, ICODE and NTAG more easily than ever before.

The enormous reduction in development time enables Android app developers to focus on the real important things: Designing cool apps for a wide range of applications like access management, closed loop micropayment, campus cards or loyalty programs. These apps can then be easily uploaded to the Google Play store - ready for the end-user.

Course Outline

  • Overview of MIFARE SDK related technologies: NFC technology, MIFARE, NTAG and ICODE products.
  • Introduction to the MIFARE SDK, including MIFARE SDK code examples.

What You'll Learn

You’ll learn how you can create cool Android apps that support MIFARE, ICODE and NTAG products with the MIFARE SDK.

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