NFC Mobile Payments Accelerate Lunch Service at NXP® Cafeteria

  • Posted Date: 08 October 2015

Faster payment at the checkout counter, shorter queues -- before you know it, you're sitting down happily with your colleagues at lunch in the company cafeteria. Employees of NXP® Semiconductors in Nijmegen, Netherlands are now experiencing the benefits of mobile payments in the company canteen, with two out of four payment terminals now designated "fast lanes" accepting Cashless Betalen. With a tap of their mobile phones equipped with an NFC sticker, they can make quick, secure micro-payments -- without the hassle of using cash. Cashless Betalen is a cashless payment application used with the "virtual wallet" service offered by Rabobank, a leading bank in the Netherlands. Identive Group provides the user interface and account management software platform for the wallet. In addition, an NFC (Near Field Communication) sticker from Identive, based on MIFARE® DESFire EV1 chip technology from NXP, enables employees' phones to access and use the Cashless Betalen system. Blog post: NXP Nijmegen drives the NFC payment revolution Press release: Identive's Cashless Betalen™ Mobile Payment Solution Implemented at NXP Semiconductors (December 21, 2012) NFC: The next experience in mobile: