NFC Secure Smart Meter Demo (NXP® and Landis+Gyr)

  • Posted Date: 08 October 2015

NXP® Semiconductors and leading energy management solutions provider Landis+Gyr showcase smart meters with integrated NFC technology at Metering Europe and Cartes 2011. Using NFC, authorized utilities and end-consumers are able to conveniently access and read smart meter data in real time using a smartphone. Use cases include: *Visual display. Using an NFC handset to replace the LCD display in smart metering devices (for cost savings and convenience), and to visualize current and historical energy consumption based on data stored in the meter via a mobile app. *Security. Using the secure element in NFC handsets to manage the privacy of individual households, while providing the appropriate level of access for installation and service technicians. *Two-way communication. Authorized maintenance technicians can download metering information to handsets or tablets, or upload firmware if required to the meter via NFC. A further use case is secure pairing of devices to enable home area network (HAN) communication. *Payment. NFC phones can be used for secure and convenient pre-payment of electricity and other utilities, alongside contactless cards. The smart meter demonstrator integrates the Landis+Gyr E350 modular electricity meter and the NXP PN512 contactless transceiver IC supporting NFC. NFC smart meter: