NXP® Enabling Faster Emergency Vehicles with V2X

  • Posted Date: 13 December 2016

The sophisticated Vehicle-to-X (V2X or Car-to-X, C2X) communications solution, RoadLINK - developed by NXP, uses the wireless communications standard IEEE 802.11p in order to enable drivers to look beyond of what is visible to the human eye. Drivers therefore receive early warnings of approaching emergency vehicles or police cars even when they are blocked from sight behind trucks or around corners/intersections.

In this case the driver receives the warning that an ambulance is approaching the intersection and indicates the driving direction. The car's ADAS system automatically engages the brakes enabling the ambulance to cross the intersection without risk while saving valuable time. Other use cases are warnings about crashes, traffic jams, or traffic light signals allowing drivers to adjust their speed and optimize driving.