Smart wireless charging with NXP®: Flexible architectures

  • Posted Date: 08 October 2015

At Mobile World Congress 2013, NXP® is showing its latest smart wireless charging demonstrator. The wireless charging demo uses NFC to trigger wake-up, thereby allowing the charging pad to remain completely switched off when it is not in use. This "true-zero standby mode" enables significant savings in energy consumption. Devices equipped with NFC can also take advantage of additional functions, such as communicating the credentials for Bluetooth audio streaming, demonstrated here. A key feature of the NXP wireless charging demonstrator is its support for flexible architectures. The NXP solution supports multiple wireless charging standards, and is designed to automatically detect which standard the device is using. NXP is also developing a multi-coil configuration, which allows more freedom in where the device is placed on the charging pad, and opens the door for flexible wireless charging pad designs which may differ significantly depending on the use case. For further information, visit NXP at Mobile World Congress 2013 (Hall 7, Stand 7A111), or see Related application information on charging interfaces: