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BMS systems, with the latest ready-to-use ICs solutions from NXP to ease your design: Analog Front-End Battery Cell Controllers, Ultra-reliable Microcontrollers, and Functional Safety Power Management solutions.

Explore the requirements of a HV traction inverter with functional safety and a solution to help customers accelerate the development of their HEV/PHEV/BEV.

Use the S32K Power Estimation Tool (S32K-PET) for gaining valuable insights about power consumption right at the start when creating energy-efficient automotive-embedded applications based on the S32K1xx MCU family.

Learn how to use a multi-PMIC approach and meet the safety requirements using NXP solutions.

Explore the automotive electrification trend and how NXP is supporting the transition to sustainable electric transportation.

Learn how to simplify a high-voltage BMS design step-by-step. You will explore how to get started, live-monitor the voltage cells and verify both the temperature and voltage battery stack using an application software development kit (SDK) and dedicated GUI.

Explore NXP's products delivering safety and power scalable solutions to enable your platform strategy for autonomous, electric and user-defined cars.


NXP provides robust, safe and scalable Battery Management Systems (BMS) for various automotive and industrial applications