14 Channel Li-Ion Battery Cell Controller IC ASIL D

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Product Details

Block Diagram

MC33775 Block Diagram

MC33775 Block Diagram


General Features

  • From 4 to 14 cells per device
  • ISO 26262 ASIL D support for cell voltage, module voltage and temperature measurements
  • External temperature and auxiliary voltage measurements
  • Module voltage measurement
  • On-board passive cell balancing
    • Up to 300 mA balancing MOSFETs with diagnostics
    • Simultaneous balancing
    • Timer, voltage, temperature, PWM-controlled balancing
  • Isolated daisy chain or SPI communication
  • Diagnostics, functional safety and robustness
  • Product longevity program

Comparison Table

Parameter MC33771B MC33771C MC33775
Voltage Channels 7..14 7..14 4..14
Supply VRange (Max) 9.6 V..61.6 V (75 V) 9.6 V..61.6 V (75 V) 9.6 V..65 V (75 V)
Cell Input Voltage Range -0.3 V to 5 V -0.3 V to 5 V -5 V to 5 V
Measurement Error ± 0.8 mV (Vcell =3.3 v Ta = 25°c) ± 0.8 mV (Vcell =3.3 v Ta = 25°c)
Total Measurement Error
(After aging: MLS3 and 1000h HTOL)
± 3.9 mV ± 3.9 mV ± 3.9 mV
Vpwr=9.6 V..61.6 V,
Vcell=1.5 V..4.3 V, -40~85°C
Vpwr=9.6 V..61.6 V,
Vcell=1.5 V..4.3 V, -40°C..85°C
Vpwr=9.6 V..65 V,
Vcell=1.5 V..4.5 V, -40°C..115°C
Measurement Averaging No Configurable Averaging Dynamic
Functional Safety ASIL C
ASIL D Compliance
ASIL D Compliance
single-chip Cell
Voltage and Temp.
Isolated Communication Speed 2 Mbps 2 Mbps 2 Mbps
Communication Isolation Inductive Inductive, Capacitive Inductive, Capacitive
Max Nodes per Daisy Chain 15 63 62
CRC Bit 8 8 16
Comms Bit 40 48 64...1112
Integrated Balancing <300 mA, Timer <300 mA, Timer <300 mA, Timer
Balancing Sleep Mode Yes Yes Yes
GPIO / Analog Measurement Inputs 7 7 8
I2C Controller EEPROM Only EEPROM Only Full I2C leader
Current Channels 1 1 No
Coulomb Counter 1 1 No
Package 64-pin LQFP-EP 64-pin LQFP-EP 64-pin LQFP-EP


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