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Ho Wai Wong-Lam

Ho Wai Wong-Lam

Ho Wai is an engineer at heart and a strategist by profession. She is a team player, team leader and a team builder. She believes in Tech for Good - doing well while doing good. Ho Wai is a technology and semiconductor veteran for 30+ years. She started with Philips Research in The Netherlands, and moved to US to join Philips Semiconductors, which became NXP Semiconductors.

She has worked in a wide range of disciplines from product development to engineering management to business development and now in strategy. In her role as VP strategy, she (co-)led a number of M&A divestiture and integration projects. Since 2020, she represents NXP as a sponsor and a volunteer judge at Extreme Technology Competition (XTC) which is a worldwide competition for startup companies in the theme of “Technology for Good”.

Ho Wai graduated in Electrical Engineering from the University of Hong Kong, and got her master’s degree in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, through a Philips scholarship. She is (co-)author of 13 granted US and European patents, and 11 papers in peer-reviewed journals and 3 technical articles in trade journals.