Layerscape Linux Distribution POC



NXP Linux Software

NXP Linux Software


Layerscape LDP Components

  • Freely available
    • Download from public repositories (e.g.
    • No need to download a large ISO and extract
  • Modularized
    • Boot-loaders, Kernels, User-space libraries, Tools, Configuration
    • Pick and choose ones you need
  • Clean layering, separation
    • Separate patches on top of open source
    • Patches identified by platform/IP
  • Easy updates via Git
    • Periodic releases and interim updates
    • Support for two recent LTS kernels

Layerscape LDP

  • Easy boot mechanisms
    • Boot from multiple sources
    • Simple, quick updates from any mass-storage
    • Brick-proof mechanism* - easy recovery via SD
  • Easy runtime upgrades
    • Rich LDP user-land and repositories
    • On-the-fly install with apt-get
    • Build/install from source on target
  • Latest and greatest
    • Latest Layerscape platforms
    • Latest drivers and features
    • Layerscape specific tools, drivers

What’s New In L6.1.1-1.0.0-LLDP

  • NXP Layerscape LDP userland:
    • NXP Layerscape LDP, including Linux distro main packages and NXP packages
  • Toolchain: gcc-11.2, glibc-2.36,binutils-2.38, gdb-12.1
  • Linux kernel core and virtualization:
    • LTS kernel 6.1.1 update
  • Linux kernel drivers:
    • Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK):
    • Virtualization - OVS-DPDK
  • U-Boot bootloader:
    • U-Boot v2022.04 update
    • AQR113C on TWR-LS1021A, LS1088ARDB, and LX2162AQDS
  • Other tools and utilities:
    • AQR113C firmware
    • Yocto bitbake

Support Policy

    Technology Support Policies for more information.

Supported Devices

  • LS1012A: Layerscape® 1012A Low Power Processor
  • LS1020A: Layerscape® 1020A and 1022A Dual-Core Processors
  • LS1021A: Layerscape® 1021A Dual-Core Processor with LCD Controller
  • LS1024A: Layerscape® 1024A Dual-Core Processor
  • LS1028A: Layerscape® 1028A Applications Processor
  • LS1043A: Layerscape® 1043A and 1023A Processors
  • LS1046A: Layerscape® 1046A and 1026A Processors
  • LS1088A: Layerscape® 1088A and 1048A Processor
  • LS2084A: Layerscape 2084A and 2044A Multicore Processors
  • LS2088A: Layerscape® 2088A and 2048A Processors
  • LX2160A: Layerscape® LX2160A, LX2120A, LX2080A Processors
  • LX2162A: Layerscape® LX2162A, LX2122A, LX2082A Processors



  • BSPs and Device Drivers

    Layerscape Linux Distribution Proof of Concept SDK

  • BSPs and Device Drivers

    QorIQ Linux SDK 2.0-1703

  • Software Development Resources

    Embedded Linux SDK

  • Software Development Resources

    Legacy Layerscape Software Development Kit, LSDK 21.08

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