UCANS32K146: CAN FD development system for Drones, Rovers, and Mobile Robotics


Target Applications

  1. CAN communication systems
  2. GPS modules, Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), air-speed sensors, other sensors for drones, rovers, boats, AGV
  3. Lighting modules, input arming or safety switches
  4. Servos, ESC, motor controllers and other PWM controlled devices
  5. UART/I2C/SPI bridge to CAN/CAN FD
  6. Avionics
UCANS32K146 board
UCANS32K146 board
UCANS32K146 development system architecture



  • UCANS32K146-01   Active

  • UCANS32K146 board for Drones, Rovers, and Mobile Robotics
    • UCANS32K146-01
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