CodeWarrior® Development Studio for ColdFire® Architectures (Classic IDE) v7.2


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Software Details


  • Classic IDE
  • Unlimited assembler
  • Unlimited C/C++ Compiler and Debugger (restrictions based on suite)
  • Integrated flash programmer
  • Flash tool kit to create flash programming algorithms for external memory devices
  • Device Initialization tool
  • Processor Expert® with Basic, Software and Advanced Components (restrictions based on suite)
  • Processor Expert Component Wizard (restrictions based on suite)
  • RTOS awareness (restrictions based on suite)
  • Profile Analysis (restrictions based on suite)
  • Support for new ColdFire® derivatives
  • New ColdFire compiler with Embedded Warrior Libraries (EWL), which focus on reducing the memory footprint taken by I/O operations and simplifying memory allocation
  • Support for the new NXP® Open Source BDM connection on the M52259DEMO board
  • Compatible with MQX™ RTOS 3.6
  • Online help and documentation
  • Includes 12-month technical support
  • Free 30-day evaluation license available

Supported Devices

System Requirements


  • Build tools output formats:
    • ELF/DWARF 2.0
    • NXP S Record
    • Intel® hex
    • binary
  • Host target interfaces:
    • CodeWarrior USB TAP
    • CodeWarrior Ethernet TAP
    • Cyclone Max
    • USB BDM Multilink
    • Parallel BDM Multilink
    • Lightning (P&E Microsystems)
    • BDI1000 and BDI2000 (Abatron)
    • Open Source BDM (S08JM60 based)
  • Board support:
    • ColdFire V2:
      • M5208EVBE
      • M5235EVB
      • M5253EVBE
      • M52230DEMO
    • ColdFire V3:
      • 5329EVBE
    • ColdFire V4e:
      • M5475EVBE
      • M5485EVBE


1-5 of 6 downloads

  • BSP, Drivers and Middleware

    2008 Linux BSP for Freescale M52277EVB (12-Dec-2008)

  • BSP, Drivers and Middleware

    2008 Linux BSP for Freescale M5329EVB Update (07-Jul-2008)

  • BSP, Drivers and Middleware

    Linux BSP for Freescale MCF5373EVB

  • BSP, Drivers and Middleware

    2008 Linux BSP for MCF5484LITE, MCF5475/85EVB (08-Aug-2008)

  • BSP, Drivers and Middleware

    Linux BSP for M54455EVB Update

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