MCUXpresso Software and Tools

NXP’s MCUXpresso software and tools offer comprehensive development solutions designed to optimize, ease and help accelerate embedded system development of applications based on general purpose, crossover and Bluetooth-enabled MCUs from NXP. MCUXpresso software and tools bring together the best of NXP’s software enablement, and provide easy access to tools and middleware from our Enabling Technology partners.

The MCUXpresso suite for NXP MCUs based on Arm® Cortex®-M technology includes device configuration tools, drivers and middleware, a fully featured IDE and a secure provisioning tool.

MCUXpresso SDK and Configuration tools are also available for Digital Signal Controllers (DSC) from NXP. Please refer to the Developer Resources Page for DSC for more information.

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MCUXpresso Software and Tools

MCUXpresso Software and Tools

The MCUXpresso SDK, IDE, configuration tools and secure provisioning tool help speed development time with high-quality software and tools for NXP’s general purpose, crossover and Bluetooth-enabled MCUs.

The MCUXpresso Ecosystem: Enabling Your Designs With Core Technologies, Software and Tools

NXP understands the development lifecycle of embedded design, and we know that developers need free software peripheral drivers that are production-grade and delivered with relevant example code.

MCU Minutes | MCUXpresso Software and Tools Overview

MCUXpresso Software and Tools bring together the best of NXP’s software enablement into one enablement platform for a shared software experience. This video provides a brief overview of the MCUXpresso SDK, IDE, Secure Provisioning Tool and Config Tools.