MCUXpresso Suite of Software and Tools

The MCUXpresso SDK, IDEs, secure provisioning and configuration tools help speed up development time with high-quality software and tools for general purpose, crossover and wireless Arm® Cortex®- M-based MCUs from NXP.


MCUXpresso Tools

MCUXpresso encompasses a range of IDE choices, supported by powerful configuration and debug tools. Secure deployment of your application is simplified with NXP’s secure programming and provisioning tools.

IDE Options Description
MCUXpresso for Visual Studio Code (VS Code) VS Code with extension from NXP to enable fast, flexible development.
MCUXpresso IDE Customized, Eclipse-based, IDE for NXP MCUs, optimized for ease-of-use
IAR Embedded Workbench Safety certified, highly optimizing compiler and development environment for C/C++
Arm Keil MDK uVision IDE and Arm Compiler with extensive middleware
Configuration Tools
MCUXpresso Configuration Tools Suite of configuration tools that enable you to rapidly configure pins, clocks, security, memory and drivers, enabling quicker understanding of NXP devices and easier migration to custom hardware designs.
Programming and Provisioning
MCUXpresso SEC Secure Provisioning Tool GUI-based application to simplify use of security features to generate and program secured bootable executables and enable secure provisioning.
Secure Provisioning SDK (SPSDK) Secure Provisioning SDK (SPSDK) is an open-source development kit, providing all the low-level utilities utilized by the MCUXpresso SEC tool.
Debug Tools
MCU-Link Unified debug probe architecture for NXP's general-purpose Arm Cortex-M based MCUs.
FreeMASTER Real-time debug monitor and data visualization tool that enables runtime configuration and tuning of embedded software applications.
P & E Micro P and E Micro’s debug probes support a wide range of NXP products. Most Multilink probes are fully supported by MCUXpresso IDE and MCUXpresso for VS Code.
SEGGER The J-Link debug probes with their outstanding performance, robustness, and ease of use are one of the most popular in the market. J-Link probes are fully supported by MCUXpresso IDE and MCUXpresso for VS Code.

MCUXpresso Software Delivery

Software Development Kit (SDK)

Comprehensive software enablement package designed to simplify and accelerate application development with Arm® Cortex®-M devices.

Expansion Board Hub (EBH)

Online tool showcasing numerous expansion boards that have software support for MCU evaluation kits


Access to MCUXpresso SDK and application examples on NXP GitHub, as well as other open-source projects.