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    Images and ALT text

    Many images on our website have alternative text (alt text) associated which can be read aloud by screen readers or Braille displays. The alt text serves the same purpose as the image and conveys the same essential information.


    Links are written to be clear, concise and unique. This makes the links easier to scan visually and using a screen reader. Links that open in a new window will be indicated with additional text next to the link informing the user.

    Page layout

    On every webpage there is a navigation menu and a bread crumb at the top of the page which aids in your journey to find information and allows you to return to an area you may have been previously. You will also find the search field within the header where you can search our website to find products, documentation, training videos and other information important to you.

    The body of the page is where you will find detailed content of our site. This will change and update as you navigate across and around the site.

    The footer contains links to our global locations, investor and partner pages, events and university programs, careers and links to our mobile apps.

    These elements are common across all sections.

    About NXP gives access to Accessibility Help, Terms of Use and Terms of Sale, Privacy Policy and ways to contact us.


    Videos are delivered in a way that ensures an optimal experience on different devices and bandwidth.

    Videos hosted by are compatible with the browsers and operating systems described in the table above. Depending on the version and preferences of each browser, our video engine may rely on the standard built-in HTML5 player or plug-ins such as Flash to play the video.

    In order to view video content, a Flash player plug-in (version 10 or above) is required. If Flash is not installed on your machine you may be prompted to download the plug-in. Alternatively, you can download the Flash plug-in from the official Adobe site .


    We use PDF files to preserve the look of original documents. To open and view PDF files, download the latest free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader . Acrobat also publishes information on accessing PDF documents using screen readers .

    To open and view ZIP files, download the latest extraction software from Corel . The software allows ZIP files to be uncompressed so that contents can be viewed.