I2C Bus Controller and Bridge ICs

NXP® continues its leading position in I2C Bus devices, offering you a vast portfolio of I2C logic products used for communication and protocol conversion. Our I2C solutions are ideal for many systems using SMBus, AdvancedTCA (ATCA) IPMI, and PMBus. You can also choose from a comprehensive selection of other semiconductor ICs with I2C Bus interfaces.

New Fast-mode Plus devices operate at 1 MHz up to 540 pF

NXP's new I2C Fast-mode Plus (Fm+) devices go from zero to 1 MHz so you can go to the next design level with higher data rates and up to 540 pF bus loading. In computing, telecom and networking systems architecture the trend is for greater use of I2C Bus as a maintenance and control bus, so more bandwidth and more devices on the bus is required.


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Catalog of System Management

Catalog of System Management and I2C 2016

A broad catalog of interface components for all your design needs.

selector guide 2016

System management I2C selector guide 2016

Selector Guide of interface components for all your design needs.

I2C Ultra Fast-mode (UFm) Debuts on NXP Devices

Steve Blozis of NXP® discusses the new I2C Ultra Fast-mode specification, as well as the first UFm devices from NXP.

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